Save the date: "A New Era of Risks: Impact on business and property" Conference in Serbia

6 February 2020 — Daniela GHETU
Cyber risks, climate change, managerial responsibilities, safety of bank transactions and new paying methods will be the topics of the "A New Era of Risks: Impact on business and property" conference, that will be held on the 1st of April in the hotel Crowne Plaza in Belgrade.

Annual damages caused by cyber-crimes account for over 600 billion dollars, and that number is expected to grow tenfold in the upcoming years. Climate change damages, on the other hand, grow at a rate of 6% per year, and in Serbia these damages are measured in billions of euros, making the agriculture and electric power industry the most threatened.

Wrong managerial decisions, which are more certain due to greater risks, can bring multi-million cost to a company, in addition to sending the managers into huge debts. Domestic companies that are informed about these dangers will have better chances at saving their business from financial risks.

The goal of the conference is to present the enormous financial risks that are brought with the New Age marked by the fourth technological revolution to entrepreneurs of Serbia, but also point out the possibilities of prevention and financial compensation for any damage that does occur, in order to accordingly plan their management, budgets, and their investments for prevention and insurance.

The conference is aimed at the top management, business owners, financial directors, public and private companies' risk managers, as well as decision makers in local self-governments.

The conference will be opened by the vice-governor of the National Bank of Serbia. Representatives of leading domestic and international institutions will talk about the potential risks. Possibilities of prevention will be presented by experts in the fields of cyber security, ethical hacking, and blockchain. Finally, talks about the options for financial compensation in case of damages incurred will be given by representatives of insurance companies, and experts for international law will talk about how current laws regulate managerial responsibility.

Organizers of this conference are portals and

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