Shareholders of Italian Net Insurance have designated the company's new management team. Matteo CARBONE heads the Innovation Advisory Board

25 January 2019 — Daniela GHETU
The Italian Net Insurance company's newly elected Board of Directors nominated Luisa TODINI as President and Andrea BATTISTA, Chief Executive Officer. The Innovation Advisory Board, which plays a key role in the company's fundamental journey in the world of InsurTech will be guided by Matteo CARBONE.

"I am very honored to have been appointed as Net Insurance's Chairman, a company which has its roots in a successful path and which, with an innovative industrial plan, looks into the future by offering cutting-edge products for a 'tailor-made' market," said Luisa TODINI, new president of Net Insurance. Net Insurance is an insurance company offering protection plans dedicated to the individual Person, Family and small-medium enterprises. The company's strong orientation towards innovative products and approaches makes it unique in the Italian insurance sector.

"With an assembly that was highly attended by the Stakeholders, the exciting ride that began on the 21st of February last year, with the launch of the project Archimede, was completed. I have the pleasure and honor to have built a competent, strong and cohesive team, a team with a high degree of diversity in terms of experience, skills and gender ", commented the CEO Andrea BATTISTA, at the end of the company Shareholders' meeting that decided on the management bodies' structure on 21 January. "The Board, this team and all the people who work in Net every day, will surely be the winning cards for achieving the challenging objectives that await us".

Net Insurance's new Board of Directors is composed by 9 members:

  1. Luisa TODINI
  2. Andrea BATTISTA
  3. Francesca Romana AMATO
  4. Renato Giulio AMATO
  5. Matteo CARBONE
  6. Roberto Romanin JACUR
  7. Mayer NAHUM
  8. Laura SANTORI
  9. Andrea MARALLA (List of Minority)
The new Board of Statuary Auditors of the company is formed by:

  1. Antonio Blandini (President)
  2. Francesco Rocchi (Standing Statutory Auditor)
  3. Vincenzo Sanguigni (Standing Statutory Auditor)
  4. Paolo Cantamaglia (Alternate Statutory Auditor)
  5. Carlo Mezzetti (Alternate Statutory Auditor)
On the executive side, the Net Insurance management team is the following:

  1. Andrea BATTISTA, Chief Executive Officer
  2. Luigi AIUDI, Chief Risk Officer
  3. Giuseppe CARUSO, Head of the Division "Cessione Quinto"
  4. Luigi Di CAPUA, Chief Financial Officer
  5. Stefano LONGO, Head of Banks, Broker and Business Development
  6. Elio MIGLIARDI, Technical Manager
  7. Fabio PITTANA, Chief Operating Officer
  8. Rossella VIGNOLETTI, Head of Marketing and Communication
A summary of all the curricula of the members of the Board of Directors, of the President of the Board of Statutory, of the effective Mayors in charge and of the management is published on the company's website, under the section Investor Relations.