Slovak Telekom offers insolvency insurance

5 February 2015 —
Slovak Telekom, in cooperation with the insurance company Allianz, introduced Invoice Insurance, which provides coverage in the event a person is unable to pay his monthly invoices, not only to Slovak Telekom, but also to other companies including housing fees.

The service is offered in four levels, depending on coverage: 25, 25+, 50 and 50+.

The coverage is EUR 25 or EUR 50; the plus versions include additionally insurance in case of unemployment and the highest option 50+ is for coverage up to EUR 1,800.

The monthly fee for the insurance is EUR 0.99 for Invoice Insurance 25, EUR 1.99 for Invoice Insurance 25+, EUR 1.49 for Invoice Insurance 50 and EUR 3.49 for Invoice Insurance 50+.

The insurance can be activated in a sales point of Slovak Telekom or via SMS. Read the full story Slovak Telekom offers insolvency insurance
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