Social robots are becoming more mainstream

13 January 2020 —
"Robots can help us become better humans if we programmed them to be good robots", explains David CHEN, CFO, Hanson Robotics, in an interview for DIA.

It's no secret that the future of the insurance industry is fueled by the latest advanced technologies. Technology has transformed all aspects of our life. It's on every desk and every smartphone. And without us even questioning it. Now, with robots such as Sophia - the first robot citizen and the first robot innovation ambassador for the United Nations' development program -, we suddenly become unease with the modern world. And we even develop some kind of collective contemporary techno-paranoia.

"Social robots are becoming more mainstream and part of our lives and part of the paranoia is created by something called 'science fiction'. I grew up being a Star Trek fan and also saw movies such as The Terminator - 'we're going to destroy humans' and that kind of stuff. These are things that are planted in our heads because we see movies and watch television. We as biological beings have become programmed by Hollywood, by the media. And that sense of paranoia or fear has been programmed into us as well. As a company, what we're trying to do with Sophia and other robots, is to dispel that paranoia. And also show the world that she's got great utility beyond what we have been entertained with in the movies", David Chen pointed out.

Read the full DIA Interview with David Chen & Hanson Robotics' Sophia here.

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