Sorin Greceanu elected as Vice President of the Council of Bureaux

29 September 2020 — Cosmin CONCEATU
On 24th September 2020, during the 54th General Assembly of the Council of Bureaux (CoB), 40 organisations were admitted as members of the Association in their capacities of Guarantee Fund, Compensation Body and/or Information Centre. CoB also announced the election of Sorin Greceanu, General Manager of the Romanian Motor Insurers Bureau (BAAR), as Vice-President of the organization.

It is for the first time in the history of the Council of Bureaux when a representative of Romania is entrusted with a responsibility at this level, Romania being a member of the Green Card System since 1965. Since then, BAAR has been part of several working groups and commissions organized at the level of the Council of Bureaux, but never has a representative of it held such a high position.

Sorin Greceanu commented about his election:

"The election is an honor for me and a recognition of the active contribution that BAAR has had permanently in the Council of Bureaux."

This marks the culmination of the 'Harmonisation Process' on which the CoB had worked for several years to ensure optimum coordination between its two pillars: the Green Card System (GCS) and the EU Motor Insurance Directive (EU MID).

The accession of the EU MID Bodies as members of the Association shall allow the Guarantee Funds, Compensation Bodies and Information Centres to play an even more active role along the Green Card Bureaux in the activities of the CoB. This implies significant structural changes within the CoB, such as a new Constitution ('Articles of Association', available on the CoB's website) that had been approved in January 2020, the establishment of a Presidential College and the restructuring of the working procedures.

The new Presidential College is composed as follows:
  • Sandra Schwarz, CEO of the German Green Card Bureau (Deutsches Buro Grune Karte e. V.), President of the CoB.
  • Sorin Greceanu, General Manager, Romanian Motor Insurance Bureau (BAAR) was appointed Vice-President of the CoB.
  • Sergey Razuvan, Managing Director, Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) was appointed Vice-President of the CoB.

The 54th General Assembly of the CoB took place via teleconference due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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