Starting April 1st, 2016, MOLDAVIAN drivers will not be able to buy Green Card insurance

10 December 2015 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
Starting April 1st, 2016, Moldavian drivers will not be able to buy Green Card policies from local companies, according to the most recent decision taken by the National Bureau of Motor Insurers (BNAA). According BNAA's statistics, on December 7th, there were 39,589 valid Green Card policies issued by 10 authorized insurers.

"Local insurers are no longer entitled to sell Green Card policies valid from April 1st", Aina OSOIANU, Executive Director of BNAA, stated to XPRIMM. Alina OSOIANU added that all policies that will be issued until April 1st remain valid and the maximum term of expiry will be on December 31st, 2016.

Taking into account the fact that starting April 1st, Moldova risks to be suspended from the international Green Card system, Alina OSOIANU said that BNAA's decision is temporary, in order to comply with the mandatory one adopted by the Council of Bureaux (CoB).

Read more about the decision adopted by the CoB General Assembly.

Alina OSOIANU pointed out that BNAA's decision comes to protect the interests of Moldavian drivers (eliminating the risk to travel abroad uninsured) and the interests of local insurers - in the sense that they can use the reinsurance protection for the current issued policies.

If the CoB's General Assembly decision will remain in force, being not changed until the end of the monitoring period, starting April 1st, 2016 Moldova will be suspended from the international Green Card system and the Moldovan drivers who want to travel abroad will have to buy insurance at the first neighboring country's border, possibly more expensive than Green Card policies currently sold by local insurers.

The 10 companies authorized to sell Green Card policies in Republic of Moldova are: ACORD Grup, ASITO, DONARIS VIG, GRAWE CARAT Asigurari, MOLDASIG, MOLDCARGO, MOLDOVA-ASTROVAZ, KLASSIKA Asigurari, ALLIANCE Insurance Group (former VICTORIA Asigurari) and ASTERRA Grup.

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