Supervisory Board of Allianz SE newly elected

9 May 2022 — Andrei Victor
At the Annual General Meeting of Allianz SE held a last week, a new Supervisory Board was elected as scheduled. Rashmy Chatterjee, Chairwoman of the Board of Management of ISTARI Global Ltd, London, was elected to the Supervisory Board for the first time, while Sophie BOISSARD, Christine BOSSE, Michael DIEKMANN, Friedrich EICHINER and Herbert HAINER were re-elected.

To gradually form a "staggered board" in the future, shorter terms of office had been proposed for some candidates in deviation from the regular four-year term of office.

Thus, in line with the proposals, Sophie BOISSARD, Rashmy CHATTERJEE and Michael DIEKMANN were elected for four years, Friedrich EICHINER for three years, and Christine BOSSE and Herbert HAINER for two years.

Primiano Di PAOLO from Allianz Italy was elected as the new employee representative to the Supervisory Board, replacing Godfrey HAYWARD from Allianz United Kingdom.

Gabriele BURKHARDT-BERG, Jean-Claude Le GOAER, Martina GRUNDLER, Frank KIRSCH and Jurgen LAWRENZ were confirmed for a further term of office.

Following the Annual General Meeting, the new Supervisory Board elected Michael DIEKMANN as Chairman at its constituent meeting. Gabriele BURKHARDT-BERG was elected as his deputy for the employee side and Herbert Hainer for the shareholder side.

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