Swiss Re, Movingdots, Amodo, on the credits of the Motor Insurance Conference on 20 April

15 April 2021 — Daniela GHETU
New mobility is challenging, requiring in fact insurers to understand and adapt to an entire new environment. While these challenges are already here, the CEE markets are still confronted with ageing fleets and persisting old purchasing habits. Overall, technology needs to support the entire complexity of a motor insurance landscape with extreme differences. Top professionals representing Swiss Re, Movingdots and Amodo will share their views at the Motor Insurance Conference on 20 April.

"Understanding the true risk of new mobility in the world of automation, connectivity, electrification and sharing doesn't stop at traditional underwriting variables used by insurers. Reflecting both the driver (usage and behavior) and the vehicle (ADAS, Autonomous and New Energy Vehicles) are crucial for insurers in creating a holistic motor risk assessment solution," says Orsolya HEGEDUS, Lead Automotive Sales & Delivery, Swiss Re, Automotive & Mobility Solutions.

On the other hand, finding better answers and more financially efficient solutions for the already established consumers needs and expectations is instrumental. Usage based products are increasingly popular, especially among younger customers that are forming a growing consumer segment. "The key to successful risk prevention programs in motor and other insurance products is customer engagement," is Amodo's CEO Marijan MUMDZIEV opinion,"as there is a positive link between customer engagement and driving behavior. It is nothing short of a science to build a successful customer engagement program."

Yet, at this stage, especially in the emerging markets of the CEE region, adapting to the changing mobility landscape or adding value to the traditional products are concerns that overlap a still large business segment addressing the needs of an older and conservative market segment. "Insurers in the region are struggling with vast differences in the market - there are new cars coming in with the latest safety technology fitted, abundance of data they generate and new drivetrains with the switch from ICE to NEV. These clients expect a different coverage to mitigate the severity of accidents, and also new perils with car batteries and the necessary infrastructure. At the same time, the average age of the car is well beyond 10 years. The challenge is to stay relevant for the market segments with such extreme differences and to stay relevant," explains Damir PLEJIC, Automotive and Mobility Consultant, Movingdots.

MOTOR INSURANCE - "A glimpse in the future of motor insurance" will address several issues related to the technical revolution in course, its benefits, challenges and dilemmas.

Participation to the event is free of charge, based on registration.

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