TAJIKISTAN: capital and insurance reserves increased in 2021, while net income decreased by almost 18%

11 May 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Own funds (capital) of professional participants in the insurance market for 2021 amounted to TJS 320.5 million (EUR 25.25 million*), which is 47.4% more y-o-y. The National Bank in its review notes that the major part of the own funds of professional market participants is their charter capital, which increased by 91.6% in 2021.

Experts believe that the main reason for the increase in the charter capital is entering of two new insurance organizations in the country's insurance market, as well as fulfillment of the requirements of the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan dated March 31, 2020 "On the minimum amount of the charter capital (fund) of insurance (reinsurance) organizations".

Total number of contracts concluded in 2021 amounted to 1,970.6 thousand units, an increase of 18.6%, which indicates an increase in interest in insurance from the population and legal entities of the country.

Insurance reserves at the end of 2021 amounted to TJS 171.4 million, which is 7.1% more than in 2020. This increase is assessed positively in terms of financial stability and liquidity.

Net profit of insurance organizations for 2021 amounted to TJS 62.5 million, which is 17.7% less y-o-y. On the one hand, this was due to a decrease in insurance premiums, on the other hand, due to an increase in paid claims and insurance compensations. The return on assets (ROA) of the country's insurance system for 2021 averaged 0.3%, and the return on equity (ROE) was 2.8%.

*1 EUR = 12.69 TJS

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