TAJIKISTAN: reinsurance of insurance companies in Tajikistan for the first time entrusted to a domestic company

15 November 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In November, the National Bank of Tajikistan in Dushanbe hosted a presentation of reinsurance services with the participation of domestic insurance companies, IA Avesta reports.

According to the regulator, the event was organized by the Insurance Supervision Department of the National Bank of Tajikistan, and the presentation was made by the insurance and reinsurance organization Spitamen Sugurta.

The presentation described the procedure of reinsurance operations of insurance companies in the country and establishing further cooperation in this area between the insurance and reinsurance company Spitamen Sugurta with representatives of insurance companies in Tajikistan.

It was noted that until now, all operations of reinsurance of the country's insurance companies were carried out by foreign reinsurance companies, which led to withdrawal of capital from the national insurance system and increased exchange rate pressure on the national currency, Avesta said.

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