TALANX 2015 operating profit rises and will pay higher dividend

24 March 2016 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
German insurer TALANX closed the financial year 2015 with an operating profit of EUR 2.2 billion, or 15.3% more y-o-y, while the net income was down by 4.6% to EUR 734 million. Despite a lower value "Group net income reached the second-highest value in the company's history", the insurer noted in a statement.

Insurer representatives stated that adjusted by the goodwill impairment in the amount of EUR 155 million, TALANX would have achieved a record result: "The Talanx Group grew significantly in financial year 2015 and exceeded its Group net income target despite the complete goodwill impairment in the German life insurance business in the second quarter".

"Also due to the improvement in the portfolio quality of our Primary Insurance operations, TALANX raises its outlook for the Group net income in financial year 2016 to around EUR 750 million". 

At the same time, the agregate value of gross written premiums increased by 9.7% y-o-y to a record of EUR 31.8 billion, while the Group's combined ratio (property/casualty insurance and non-life reinsurance) improved slightly to 96.0% ( vs. 97.9% in 2014).

TALANX said it would propose a payout of EUR 1.30 per share share, up from EUR 1.25 for 2014. "TALANX has increased the dividend paid every year since the IPO in 2012. Cumulatively over the past four years, the dividend per share has increased overall by 25 cents or almost a quarter".

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