TALANX announced finalization of generational renewal at Board level

21 March 2019 —
The German insurer TALANX announced the Supervisory Board has completed the generational shift at Board level.

Thus, Christian HINSCH (63), the member of the Board of Management responsible for the Industrial Lines Division, is stepping down from the TALANX Board, following the end of the Annual General Meeting of TALANX AG on May 9, 2019.

The Supervisory Board has appointed Edgar PULS (45) to succeed him on both Boards of Management and as the Chief Executive Officer of HDI Global SE. David HULLIN (50) will assume responsibility for the areas previously overseen by Edgar PULS on the Board of Management of HDI Global SE.

"This concludes the generational renewal on the Board of Management of Talanx AG," the Hannover based insurer announced, mentioning that Torsten LEUE (52) had succeeded Herbert K. HAAS (64) last year as Chief Executive Officer.

Furthermore, as previously announced, Ulrich WALLIN - who bears responsibility for reinsurance business - is stepping down at the end of the Annual General Meeting of Hannover Ruck SE on May 8, 2019, at the age of 64. He is to be succeeded by Jean-Jacques HENCHOZ (53).

Effective May 9, 2019, the Board of Management of TALANX AG will be comprised of the following members: Torsten LEUE (Chief Executive Officer), Sven FOKKEMA (Retail International) Jean-Jacques HENCHOZ (Reinsurance), Edgar PULS (Industrial Lines), Immo QUERNER (Chief Financial Officer), and Jan WICKE (Retail Germany).

The Board of Management of HDI Global SE will have the following members: Edgar PULS (Chief Executive Officer), Frank HARTING (Corporate Division, Industry Division, Marketing), David HULLIN (Property, Engineering, Marine, Multi-Risk, Division Europe), Clemens JUNGSTHOFEL (Finance and Controlling), Thomas KUHNT (Projects, Organisation, IT and Group Accident), Stefan SIGULLA (Motor, Liability, Financial Lines), and Jens WOHLTHAT (Global Division, Specialty Business).