TALANX share to be delisted from Warsaw Stock Exchange

14 December 2020 —
German insurer TALANX informed it aims to delist the TALANX share from the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In this context, HDI V.a.G. has informed TALANX AG that it will make a public offer to those shareholders of TALANX AG who hold their shares through the National Securities Depository in, to purchase their shares. The offer for cash payment of PLN 138.74 (EUR 30.92) per share is limited to approximately 77,000 shares. It thus has a total volume of up to PLN 10.5 million (EUR 2.4 million).

The offer period during which eligible shareholders can accept the offer will begin on 4 January 2021 and end on 2 February 2021.

"HDI V.a.G. complies with TALANX AG's request to terminate the stock exchange listing in Warsaw. By concentrating on the central trading place Xetra / Frankfurt, TALANX AG hopes to achieve more liquid and thus more attractive trading for its investors, and at the same time to reduce the costs of its listing. For legal reasons, however, it cannot make such a delisting offer itself. HDI V.a.G. intends to sell the shares acquired there after in a way that does not harm the market", as the German insurer informed in a statement.