TRIGLAV launches first user-based insurance service in SLOVENIA

6 July 2015 —
Slovenian Insurance company Zavarovalnica Triglav, part of Triglav Group, successfully released the first true usage based insurance product in the Adria Region.

The Triglav Group is one of the leading insurance-financial institutions in South-East Europe. It is present in seven markets and six different countries.

Triglav's usage-based insurance, developed by Amodo, analyzes drivers' safety score based on their unique driving habits, helps them to improve their driving as well as gain a car insurance discount. Drivers, especially beginners and younger drivers, can use the smartphone app - DRAJV to prove that they are safe drivers. The first phase of the first usage based insurance product released by Triglav is based on smartphone technology supporting iOS and Android devices.

The free to download DRAJV application uses GPS and Accelerometer functionality in the phone, together with traffic conditions and context to understand driving behavior and to ensure an insurance premim discount tailored to a client's driving style. Read the full story TRIGLAV launches first user-based insurance service in SLOVENIA
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