TURKEY: Fire Hazard is Still the Biggest Threat: Investments are Turning to Dust - Turkey...

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TURKEY: Fire Hazard is Still the Biggest Threat: Investments are Turning to Dust

As a humane urge to secure one's future, individuals are encouraged to invest as much as their budgets allow. These investments are sometimes involving purchasing real estate or automobiles and other times starting one's own business. The research showed that real estate is still the number one choice of Turkish people as an investment. However, it is important to secure such an investment against the risks as it is the fruit of years of labor.

According to the data published by the Department of Fire Brigade, it is clear that fire hazard is one of the top hazards home owners, vehicle owners and business owners must attend to. The statistics show that there were 28,586 fire hazards only in Istanbul in 2016 and among these are 5910 residence and 153 factory fires. The same statistics also show that fire hazards have increased by 10% in residences and 17% in factories in the last 5 years. Considering the average fire hazards occurred between 2011 and 2016, it is announced that 20.6% of the fire hazards are related to residences, while 0.5% to factories, 30% to other buildings and 6.4% to automobiles. Increasing in number especially in July, August and September, the reasons of fire hazards are smoking by 44%, electrical malfunction by 20.9% and arson(or unknown reason) by 9.5%. Read the full story

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Published on 01.03.2017

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