TURKEY to create a "Pool system" for MTPL

29 June 2017 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
The Turkysh authorities are considering to create a "Pool system" for the distribution of MTPL premiums and claims for high risk groups of vehicles. The pool would be managed by the Turkish Motor Vehicles Bureau, under the Treasury's supervision.

This situation has occured on 12 April, when the local autorithies have seted maximum rates for "bad" drivers and for a series of vehicle categories that are constantly in traffic as taxis, minibuses or buses. Ahortly after, "some companies have been avoiding issuing policies for high risk groups of vehicles after a ceiling price was imposed", Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet SIMSEK has stated, quoted by local Newspaper Hurriyet.

"We will enforce sanctions on insurance companies that violate the regulations of maximum price and pool model", said Mehmet SIMSEK.

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