TUW PZUW: Targeting the second billion zloti in written premium

26 January 2023 — Daniela GHETU
TUW PZUW, the largest mutual insurance company in Poland, part of the PZU financial group, achieved the strategic goal set for 2024 two years in advance. Last year, it exceeded PLN 1 billion of annual written premiums.

"When we created TUW Polski Zaklad Ubezpieczen Wzajemnych seven years ago, mutual insurers' share in the Polish insurance market exceeded 3%. Today it is more than twice as high, while the European average is 33%. There is a potential that needs to be used," stressed Rafal Kilinski, President of TUW PZUW, in an interview for Polish Radio 1.

As far as the company's goals for the future are concerned, Kilinski sees a continuous growth, although maybe at a slower pace: "There is another billion, maybe two, but the farther into the forest, the more trees there are. The greatest dynamics are easiest to achieve at the beginning. We will work for the next billion for years."

As he emphasized, the hard work of the entire team contributed to the success of TUW PZUW, a success that was rather hard to achieve, given the almost total extinction of the mutual insurance in Poland during the communism period. "Three generations of potential clients and managers were cut off from such solutions. It was only at the beginning of the 1990s that reciprocity in insurance began to slowly rise in Poland," pointed the President of TUW PZUW.

Currently, TUW PZUW is the largest mutual insurer in Poland. It provides insurance protection to enterprises of strategic importance for the economy, insures almost every fifth hospital in the country, local governments' and public institutions, as well as almost all religious orders and other church institutions. "We have brought insurance reciprocity to the broad waters of corporate insurance," noted President Kilinski.

You can listen to the entire conversation with the President of TUW PZUW, in Polish, HERE.

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