The Riskiest Routes around the World

13 May 2019 —
To mark Global Road Safety Week, data from WHO has revealed that each day, 3,700 people die in road crashes, meaning that 1,350,000 fatalities occur every year on the world's roads. Moreover, according to data revealed by WHO, India, China and Brazil are the top 3 most dangerous places to travel by road.

Prompted by the data, 1st Move International has brought together data from the Aviation Safety Network (ASN) and World Health Organisation (WHO) to reveal the most risky ways to travel.

The study delivered some surprising and unexpected trends.

Adam LIMERICK, overseas removal expert from 1st Move International, said, commenting on the results of the study:

"It is widely acknowledged that road traffic accidents are one of the biggest cause of fatalities around the world, but despite the obvious progress in many countries, the annual road death figure continues to rise. Young people appear to be affected the most, with the WHO data suggesting that road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death of those aged between 5 and 14 years old.

Interestingly, the data proved that whilst low income countries have just 1% of the world's vehicles, they account for an incredible 13% of all road traffic fatalities, worldwide. Whether we travel by road, rail, air or sea, everyone has the right to a safe journey, wherever they are moving to."

The deadliest decade for air travel

To date, the 00's has been the most dangerous decade for air travel, with an incredible 8,324 fatalities recorded across 33 accidents. Compare this to the 60's where just 310 deaths were recorded.


On average, each airliner accident in the 00's caused 252 fatalities compared to the 90's which had a 25% lower death rate of 199 fatalities per airline accident.

Accident prone airlines

According to the data, the airline company with the most overall accidents is American Airlines, with 2,578 fatalities across 5 accidents. Interestingly, British Airways does not appear at all on the list from the ASN.


Boeing, Airbus and DC are amongst the top three aircraft models with the most accidents attributed to them.


Riskiest Routes Revealed

The US tops the list of the riskiest places to travel by air and has one of the worst records for airline accidents with 4,200 fatalities according to the ASN. Spain is a close second, racking up 1.367 fatalities across 7 airline accidents.


Deadliest Destinations for Road Users

Even with both feet firmly on the ground it can still be a dangerous way to travel. India, China and Brazil are the top three most dangerous destinations for road travel.


Accidents on 4-wheels

Are any of these destinations on your travel bucket list? Even on 4 wheels, there's still a risk of danger, according to the data from WHO.


Push Bike Accidents

Depending on where you travel, two wheels may be safer than four, with Dominica and the Netherlands topping the list for the most risky places for travelling by pedal-power.


Treacherous Train Tracks

India, Turkey and South Africa are three of the most unpredictable places to travel by rail, with a total of 136 fatalities reported by WHO in 2018.