The Sava Re Group has a new umbrella brand

16 May 2019 — Daniela GHETU
The umbrella brand Sava Re Group will be replaced in all corporate documents by Zavarovalna skupina Sava in Slovenian and Sava Insurance Group in English, starting with the 1Q financial report for 2019, the Group has announced.

"The Sava Re group of companies is seeking to offer its customers the best user experience. Owing to the Group's growth, also in terms of new insurance companies, we decided to test the strength of the brand that best describes our Group. All our companies have a common denominator: they conduct insurance business or business ancillary to insurance," the Group has explained its decision.

"We believe we will continue to offer our customers the best possible customer experience, one that goes beyond the provision of services, which is the definition of our new umbrella brand," a Group press release states.

Sava Re is one of the most important Slovenian insurance players. The reinsurance unit Sava Re was born of the reinsurance department of the Sava Insurance company and became a joint-stock company in 1990. The foundation of the Sava Re Group was established in 1998, with the acquisition of the insurer Tilia. Further acquisitions throughout the years have enlarged the group to its current size, when it comprises 14 companies operating in Slovenia and the markets of the Adriatic region. While Sava Re is the largest reinsurance company domiciled in Central and Eastern Europe, the Group is one of the bigger insurance groups in Southeast Europe. The Group ended 2018 with GWP worth EUR 546.3 million, and a record net result of EUR 43 million.

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