TigerRisk adopts the full RMS global models suite and continue a multiyear partnership

18 March 2021 —
RMA and TigerRisk Partners announced that their partnership will continue, and the new multiyear agreement will include additional models and data in order to provide to their clients solutions for managing global risk profitability.

In accordance with the new agreement, TigerRisk will have access to the full RMS global natural catastrophe risk models suite. This includes RMS High Definition Models such as the RMS North America Wildfire HD Models, RMS Europe Flood HD Models, and RMS Europe Severe Convective Storm HD Models. This complements TigerRisk's longstanding implementation of the RMS natural catastrophe view of risk in the U.S. on RMS RiskLink.

Rod Fox, chief executive officer of TigerRisk said: "We are committed to providing our clients with best-in-class solutions as they navigate this volatile risk landscape. Our clients depend on us to help them maintain a competitive edge, and it's important we work alongside organizations that can help us support their needs. Our expanded partnership with RMS ensures that we can increase the value we bring to our clients and continue to deliver solutions for managing global risk profitably."

Karen White, chief executive officer of RMS, said, "TigerRisk Partners has established themselves as an innovative reinsurance broker and capital advisor firm in the market. As a valued partner of RMS for over a decade, their investment in analytics aimed at providing the best insights and services for their clients mirrors our commitment to the market. We look forward to continuing to support TigerRisk with the most trusted view of risk in the industry as they grow their business and enhance their services."