Tomas Milasius is the new Chairman of the Management Board of Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE

7 April 2022 — Daniela GHETU
Starting 1 April, Tomas Milasius took over the management of Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE, the life and health insurance services provider of the Austrian Group in the Baltic States.

He replaced Olga Reznik, who remains a member of the company's board after she headed the company for more than a decade.

Previously, Tomas Milasius headed Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE's branch in Lithuania and was a member of the board.

Harald Riener, Member of the Management Board of Vienna Insurance Group and responsible for the Baltic results, commented on the change: "I would like to thank Ms. Reznik for her excellent and successful work, which has significantly strengthened Compensa Life's position in the Baltics. "It has a great combination of consistency, innovation and customer orientation."

The main goal of the new chairman of the board is to maintain the company's continued growth. "In the near future, we will pay even more attention to the development of customer experience and service, and to this end we will develop new digital solutions for life and health insurance. We strive to make the availability and use of our services as convenient as possible for our customers. I believe that this is the key to success, "said Milasius.

Compensa Life Insurance Vienna Insurance Group SE collected insurance premiums of 145.5 million euros in 2021, which is 20% more than in 2020. In the Baltics, Compensa's market share is 22%.

Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE is a member of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), a leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe. The insurance group, with its long traditions and strong brands, comprises about 50 insurance companies from 30 countries, where more than 25,000 VIG employees take care of the daily needs of more than 22 million customers.

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