Trust Re opens a Liaison Office in India

22 June 2015 — Mihai CRACEA
In a recent statement, Trust Re announced the opening of its Liaison Office in Bangalore, India. The office, which is officially referred to as Trust Re Liaison Office India, has the sole purpose of undertaking liaison activities; in other words it acts as a communication channel between the company's Head Office in Bahrain and business partners in India, including brokers and cedants.

Establishing a physical presence in India is expected to further improve Trust Re's strategic positioning and value proposition, as well as allowing the company to be closer to one of its most important markets and facilitating an increase in business volume.

Moreover, Trust Re will promote technical and financial collaboration between itself and clients. The company also plans to promote its value added services, as exemplified by its Risk Engineering Services, in India.

Commenting on this latest development, Mr. Fadi AbuNahl, CEO, said: "Trust Re has had a close relationship with the Indian market for more than 20 years and is regarded as an important player; establishing a Liaison Office underlines our commitment to India and Indian interests abroad."

He continued by saying "We look forward to being an integral part of one of the fastest growing economies and to consider opening a branch in India in the future".

Mr. Sudhindra Kodagali, formerly Senior Underwriter Property & Engineering with Trust Re, is the General Manager of the Liaison Office. He stated: "We are delighted to have a footprint in India so that we can engage more closely with our customers; strengthening relationships with our business partners is a key part of Trust Re's strategy".

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