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UKRAINE: Busfor Ukraine wants to introduce passenger insurance, food

Busfor Ukraine, the online bus ticket service intends to introduce some new products for bus passengers in 2017, Busfor Ukraine Head Oleksandr Pavlovich has said.

"Busfor focuses on improving the quality of the sector. We cannot influence on vehicles, but we can place efforts in other things. What are we doing? We actively take part in the e-ticket introduction project of the Infrastructure Ministry. We are introducing services which passengers can receive from us," he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

He said that a problem when the trip is canceled due to technical or weather reasons and passengers are not insured against this.

"We are drawing up insurance policies against cancelation of trips of baggage loss jointly with insurance companies. No one has provided yet these services and we will be the first," Pavlovich said. Read the full story

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Published on 01.03.2017

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