UKRAINE: GWP of TAS went up by 38% y-o-y in January-February 2019

28 March 2019 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In January-February 2019, GWP of the TAS group increased by 38.2% y-o-y to UAH 262.87 million, as Forinsurer wrote.

Among the leading classes in the company's portfolio are: MTPL, which accounted for 29.36% of GWP (UAH 77.18 million; +42.7% y-o-y) and Green Card policies with GWP up by 40.4% to UAH 71.13 million, accounting for 27.06% of the insurer's total GWP; third is Motor Hull, whose GWP increased by 41% to UAH 38.51 million, accounting for 14.65% of the company's GWP. Voluntary medical insurance generated 11.46% of the portfolio (UAH 30.14 million, +13.3%), while property insurance amounted to UAH 16.49 million.

The insurer's paid claims for the period amounted to UAH 105.34 million (+36.7%). The largest share (45.09%) of paid claims was taken by MTPL (UAH 47.5 million, +64%). Paid claims of Motor Hull accounted for 29.6% and reached UAH 31.19 million (+82%). Voluntary medical insurance took a 12.84% share in the company's paid claims (UAH 13.53 million, +50.7%). Paid claims under Green Card policies in January-February 2019 amounted to UAH 9.83 million and accounted for 9.33% of the company's paid claims. In other classes the insurer paid UAH 3.29 million.

According to 3Q2018 results, TAS ranked 6th among the local insurers in terms of GWP and 5th in terms of paid claims.

*EUR 1 = UAH 30.6624 (01.03.2019)

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