UKRAINE Green Card prices up by 42.7%

11 February 2015 — Olesea ADONEV
Due to a 58% devaluation of the local currency (UAH) against the euro by 58%, starting February 12, 2015, the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) will increase the tariffs for Green Card policies by 42.7%, according to

The last price change Green Card insurance took place on January 21, 2015.

Since 2009, there have been two types of Green Card policies: for the whole of Europe, and for Belarus, Moldova and Russia.

According to, the price of a Green Card policy for a 15-day trip to Europe by car from February 12 is to be UAH 646 (previously UAH 453), by bus UAH 2,428 (UAH 1,702), by truck UAH 1,524 (UAH 1,068).

A Green Card for a one-month trip by car will cost UAH 1,029 (previously UAH 721), by bus UAH 3,373 (UAH 2,364), and by truck UAH 2,024 (1,418).

The price of a Green Card policy for six/twelve months for passenger cars will be UAH 4,568 and 5,655 respectively, for buses UAH 11,807 and UAH 21,927, for trucks UAH 9,580 and UAH 18,081 respectively.

The price of trips to Belarus, Moldova and Russia by car for 15 days will be UAH 471 (previously UAH 330), for a month UAH 692 (UAH 484), for six months UAH 1,588 (UAH 1,113), for 12 months UAH 2,261 (UAH 1,584).

Starting January 1, 2005, Ukraine has become member of the international Green Card System, according to the decision taken at the General Assembly of the Council of Bureau in Luxembourg in May 2004.

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