UKRAINE: MTIBU: satisfaction with the settlement procedure is the best for all three years in the annual survey history

1 February 2023 —
The overall assessment of satisfaction with the settlement procedure was 9.4 points on a 10-point scale, which is the best indicator for all three years of the annual survey of victims of road accidents, according to a press release from MTIBU.

MTIBU (Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine) conducted the next annual survey of road accident victims who received compensation from the Bureau's guarantee funds, and most respondents (84%) gave MTIBU the highest score of 10 points, thanking the staff for their help.

MTIBU notes that traditionally a significant part of the victims' comments concerns the amount of insurance compensation received, the reason for this in the vast majority of cases is that the amount of compensation according to the current law is determined taking into account wear and tear for vehicles older than 5-7 years.

"The average age of vehicles in Ukraine is 19-24 years, and it is clear that because of the war, the vehicles fleet is unlikely to be quickly updated. I am pleased to note that soon the problem of compensation not in full due to vehicle depreciation should be resolved. The new draft law "On MTPL" has recently been adopted in the first reading, and provides for transition to reimbursements in the amount necessary to restore a vehicle (i.e. without depreciation). In addition, the new draft law contains a number of other rules that will increase protection for road users, so I am sure that confidence in insurance in Ukraine will grow", said Lyudmila Beloshitskaya, Deputy General Director of the Bureau.