UKRAINE: Terms of the competition for the MTIBU General Director position approved

11 May 2023 —
The Presidium of the MTIBU approved the Procedure for organizing and holding a competition to determine candidates for the MTIBU General Director position, according to a press release from the MTIBU (Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine).

The document regulates the process of organizing a competition to identify candidates for the position of General Director. The competition commission will include representatives of seven insurance companies that are members of the MTIBU Presidium, as well as one representative from each professional association of insurers (LSOU, ASB and NASU).

Persons meeting the following requirements are allowed to participate in the competition for the MTIBU General Director position:

o higher education in economics, finance or law;

o work experience in MTIBU and/or an insurance company during the period of its membership in MTIBU for at least 5 years in total, including experience in senior positions in these organizations - at least 3 years;

o no real or potential conflicts of interest that could harm proper performance of the MTIBU General Director duties or the ability to eliminate existing conflicts of interest;

o observance of the restrictions determined by Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Prevention of Corruption";

o presence of an impeccable business reputation.

The powers of the General Director of MTIBU Vladimir Shevchenko were terminated on April 10, 2023. Elena Kovaleva, Financial Director-Chief Accountant of MTIBU, has been temporarily entrusted with the duties of the General Director.