UKRAINE: The Green Card market for 7 months of 2022 grew by 115% to UAH 2 billion

7 September 2022 —
GWP under Green Card policies in Ukraine in January-July 2022 increased by 2.15 times compared to the same period in 2021 to UAH 2 billion (~EUR 52.85 million), Forinsurer wrote.

The number of policies amounted to 881.4 thousand units. Paid claims increased by 16% to EUR 7.9 million, while the number of paid claims increased by 6.34% to 3 thousand.

As noted earlier, the cost of the Green Card policy in Ukraine has increased by 26.3% since July 26 due to changes in the NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) exchange rates. The reason for the rise in price was the growth of dollar and euro in the Ukrainian foreign exchange market.

Since September 1, Ukrainian insurers have given car owners the opportunity to conclude Green Card agreements in electronic form.

*EUR 1 = UAH 37.84 (01.08.2022)