UKRAINE: at the end of June, the number of insurers decreased to 137 from 181 a year earlier

13 September 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
The volume of net premiums of Ukrainian insurers in January-June 2022 decreased from UAH 23.5 billion to UAH 17.7 billion/~EUR 0.57 billion (-24.6% y-o-y). UAH 2.22 billion were ceded to reinsurance, Forinsurer wrote, citing data from the National Bank of Ukraine.

The total liabilities of Ukrainian insurers in the first half of 2022 decreased to UAH 42 billion. The largest insurers in terms of liabilities are MetLife, GRAWE UKRAINE Life and TAS. The financial result before tax was UAH 3.1 billion, and the net financial result was UAH 2.2 billion. Insurers' payments to the state budget for the reporting period amounted to UAH 929 million of income tax.

As of June 30, 2022, the balance sheet assets of Ukrainian insurers amounted to UAH 65.5 billion (vs UAH 65.2 billion a year earlier). The largest in terms of assets are MetLife, ARX and GRAWE UKRAINE Life. The volume of formed insurance reserves increased by 4% to UAH 36.4 billion, while insurers' total equity amounted to UAH 23.3 billion.

In total, 137 risk and life insurance companies were operating in the insurance market of Ukraine at the end of June 2022, while their number was 181 a year ago.

*EUR 1 = UAH 30.88 (01.07.2022)

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