UKRAINE: for February-July local insurers sold more than 31 thousand of e-MTPL

13 August 2018 — Marina MAGNAVAL
MTIBU published sales statistics of e-MTPL in Ukraine from February 7 to July 31, 2018. During this period local insurers sold 31,155 of electronic MTPL policies, wrote FORINSURER.

Issuance of electronic MTPL policies was launched in Ukraine on February 7, 2018, however, for this moment the share of e-policies in total MTPL sales is still less than 1%. Total premiums generated by e-MTPL for the period under consideration amounted to about UAH 20.96 million (~EUR 672 thousand), and average cost of e-policy amounted to UAH 673 (~EUR 22).

Among 40 MTPL insurers as of now only 29 companies had started electronic sales. TOP-10 of them account for 92% of the sold e-policies, and 5 companies (VUSO, , PZU Ukraine, PROVIDNA and Insurance) together own 78%. The leader of e-sales is VUSO with its sole share of 39% in terms of number of policies and amount of generated premiums.

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