UKRAINE: in 2021, the Green Card market grew by almost 33%

5 May 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the MTIBU, the Green Card insurance segment in 2021 grew both in terms of the number of contracts concluded and in terms of GWP, Forinsurer reports referring to the Bureau.

The number of contracts concluded in January-December 2021 increased by 28.4% y-o-y, amounting to 766.3 thousand units, while total GWP reached UAH 1.6 billion (EUR 51.74 million), which is 32.8% more than a year earlier.

The number of claims under international insurance contracts settled during the period amounted to 5.3 thousand, and total amount of payments on them was EUR 13.7 million.

*1 EUR = 30.9226 UAH (as of Dec 31, 2021)

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