UKRAINE: in January-August 2022, the largest part of TAS Group's claims was paid in motor insurance

28 September 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In January-August 2022, the TAS group, whose companies are in the top 20 insurers of Ukraine, paid out UAH 589.22 million (~EUR 15.92 million). The largest part of compensation payments was made in motor insurance (Motor Hull, MTPL, Green Card), Forinsurer reports.

The group's paid claims in Motor Hull for eight months amounted to UAH 159.66 million, which is 27.1% of the insurer's total paid claims. UAH 236.81 million TAS paid for MTPL (40.19% of all payments). UAH 88.21 million (14.97%) were paid out under Green Card policies in January-August.

Next in terms of payments goes voluntary health insurance (13.34% or UAH 78.61 million).

*EUR 1 = UAH 37 (as of 01.09.2022)

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