UKRAINE: the quality of settlement in MTIBU has improved

23 September 2021 —
The quality of settlement in MTIBU has improved according to the results of a survey among victims of road accidents, who received compensation from the guarantee funds of the Bureau. MTIBU conducts this survey annually.

The overall assessment of satisfaction with the settlement procedure reached 9.2 points out of 10. In 2020, according to the results of a similar survey, the assessment was slightly lower - 8.9 points, according to a press release from MTIBU (Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine).

"Feedback from consumers of our services helps the Bureau to become the most client-oriented organization. This is one of the main current tasks. Regular feedback from those receiving payments from MTIBU helps us to better understand what innovations need to be introduced both in our own work and in the MTPL market in general", commented the General Director of MTIBU Vladimir SHEVCHENKO.

MTIBU notes that for the first time in such survey, part of the comments said it was not possible to submit all documents in electronic form. "People are increasingly moving to online interaction and expect that any service is available in digital form. Such feedback motivates us to quickly implement fully remote settlement of insurance events in MTPL", explained Vladimir SHEVCHENKO.

According to the general director of MTIBU, dissatisfaction with compensations based on wear and tear of spare parts, is not the most painful issue of insurance coverage in Ukraine, where, according to experts, average age of the vehicle fleet is 19-24 years. Therefore, in many cases, compensation is not enough to get a car fully repaired. This requires a new law on MTPL, since it is possible to change the situation of compensations with wear and tear, as well as to solve several other issues of concern to road users, only at the legislative level. "The insurers have long proposed to introduce into the new draft law a requirement for restoration of a damaged car to the state in which it was before the accident", stressed Vladimir SHEVCHENKO.