UNIQA gradually drops investments in coal-based industry

21 March 2019 — Cosmin CONCEATU
UNIQA Group wants to completely withdraw its capital market investments related to coal industry. UNIQA Austria states that at the end of January 2019, its investment portfolio was already coal-free.

In detail, the plan of UNIQA regarding coal investments retirement is based on a few actions:
  • since 31 January 2019, UNIQA has withdrawn its investment in the coal-based industry;
  • no new investments will further be made in coal sectors;
  • support for the current clients.

UNIQA Austria was the first insurer to be awarded with OGUT Sustainability Certificate, based on the decision to remove all investments related to coal industry. 

"We want to reduce the risk associated with the long-term coal business together with our customers and thus contribute to achieving the climate targets. Insuring is, by definition, sustainable, this also assumes to take responsibility for the generations after us. Therefore, the logical step towards achieving this goal is to step out of direct financing new and current coal-based businesses," said Andreas RAUTER, sustainability manager at UNIQA.

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