UNSAR: 1 out of 2 Romanians is worried about fire risk

21 October 2021 —
Fire remains the danger most often mentioned by Romanians when referring to the risks that can affect their homes (56%), according to a new opinion poll conducted by UNSAR together with IRES.

In the Top 5 risks that Romanians are afraid of, fire is followed by tempest, storm, earthquakes, theft and floods. Thus, the fear of storm and tempest increased in perception, from 40% in 2020 (3rd place), to 53% in 2021 (2nd place).

At the same time, the risk of earthquakes moved to the 3rd position (50%, -4 pp.), while the risk of theft (31%, same), floods (31%, +3 pp.), explosions (27%, +3 pp.) and landslides (18%, +2 pp.) kept the same ranking as in 2020.

The risk of fire is particularly high among Romanians aged 36 - 50 and is a concern for people in almost all parts of the country. Storms and tempests are the most feared risks for residents in Transylvania and Banat (62%), while earthquakes come first in other regions - South, Bucharest and Dobrogea (58%).

"Romanians are increasingly aware of the risks they are exposed to and want to know more about the forms of financial protection they can access. We want all those interested to be able to make informed decisions about the protection offered by insurance policies", said Adrian MARIN - President, UNSAR.

"In the pandemic context, people have felt more than ever the need for comfort in their homes and especially for security. We support this growing interest with new information campaigns - such as the one UNSAR is launching on social media and on the Asiguropedia.ro portal", stated Alexandru CIUNCAN - Director General, UNSAR.

In the first half of this year, insurers in Romania paid out claims under compulsory and optional home insurance policies of almost 43.8 million lei, up 5% compared to the same period in 2020.

The survey "Romanians' perception of home insurance" was conducted by IRES, at the request of UNSAR, on a nationally representative sample of 857 respondents, owners, co-owners or people intending to purchase a home in the next 2 tears, aged 18 and over. The survey was conducted in August 2021, using the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) method, with a maximum tolerated error of +/-3%.