UNSAR-IRES study: 9 out of 10 Romanians believe in the reality of climate change

11 October 2021 — Cristian SUCA
Nearly 9 out of 10 Romanians (89%) believe that climate change is real, according to a new sociological survey conducted by UNSAR, together with IRES. The result is similar to those of the last two years, a sign that Romanians are aware and continue to be concerned about climate change and its effects.

Extreme natural phenomena caused by climate change are among the risks that most Romanians fear most. Thus, this year's concerns are related to: violent storms (32%, +3 pp. compared to 2020), heat waves (20%, +6 pp.), melting glaciers (10%, +5 pp.), wild fires (7%), drought (7%), floods (7%).

An important change in this risk ranking is the increased importance given to heat waves (+6 pp.), reflecting a change in the challenges that the Romanians have faced in the recent past.

At te same time, the risk of storms remains at the top of the ranking of threats perceived by Romanians. Storm episode are more and more present in Romania and the damages paid by insurers because of the occurrence of this risk covered by optional home insurance policies confirm this reality. Specifically, in 2020, because of storms, 4,491 damage claims were opened, up 32% compared to 2019, and more than 13,3 million lei in compensation were paid, according to data collected at the level of UNSAR members.

"Climate change intensifies the severity of certain weather events. We believe that, through better information of population and sustained efforts, we can have a society more prepared in the face of these risks. Insurance policies are an adequate tool to protect against financial losses, but prevention and sustainability become, in equal measure, priorities for our whole society", said Adrian MARIN - President of UNSAR.

The home protection solutions available in the insurance industry address a wide range of risks, including those caused by extreme weather events. Facultative home policies offer comprehensive cover for the full value of a property and can be issued under a mandatory PAD policy covering 3 catastrophic risks - earthquake, flood and landslide -, up to a limit of 20.000 EUR / 10.000 EUR, depending on the type of building.

"It is important that Romanians make informed and knowingly decisions, given the risks of today. Although the dangers are becoming increasingly visible, only one in five homes in Romania benefits from the financial protection offered by insurance", stated Alexandru CIUNCAN - Director General of UNSAR.

Founded in 1994, UNSAR - the National Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania -, represents 19 insurance companies. They have a share of about 80% of the local insurance market. UNSAR's activity aims at defending and representing the interests of Romanian insurers and reinsurers, participating in the improvement of the legislative framework in the field of insurance, promoting the insurance activity in Romania and the sustainable development of the insurance industry at home and abroad. Since 2007, UNSAR is a full member of the Federation of European Insurers and Reinsurers - Insurance Europe.

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