UNSAR: The largest compensation paid in 2020 on a home insurance amounted EUR 400k

25 August 2021 —
The largest compensation paid last year by UNSAR insurers to cover the damages occurred on a voluntary home insurance policy was about EUR 400,000 (RON 1.9 million), 145% higher than in 2019. "It was paid in order to cover the damages caused by a fire", states UNSAR - the National Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania, wrote 1asig.ro here.

In fact, the fire is the cause for the Top 5 largest damages covered by Romanian insurers occurred and paid in 2020 for voluntary household policies. Last year, the value of this top 5 was about RON 4.6 million, up by 66% compared to the value registered in 2019.

"These realities confirm the importance of protecting one of the most important assets that we have: our home. According to statistics, over 95% of Romanians are the owners of the house where they live. However, at the country level, less than 20% of all homes are insured through a voluntary policy", said Adrian MARIN, President of UNSAR.