UPDATE: PZU adopts emergency measures to support customers affected by the last week's extreme windstorms

23 August 2017 — Daniela GHETU
Some 2,600 buildings and 44,000 hectares of forest were distriyed by straight-line winds that hit Poland on 11-12 August, data gathered by RMS show. Insured losses may amount up to EUR 100 million, says the local press.

Listed insurer PZU expects some 30,000 damage claims to the tune of some PLN 200 million, liquidation officer and head of PZU's life unit Roman PALAC told the daily Rzeczpospolita. Yet, accurate loss statistics are to be awaited. The entire insurance market may reach some PLN 300-400 million in costs, the Polish press estimates, while the government has bot yet provided any official data concerning the economic losses.

Original news piece:

Following the extreme stormwind that hit Poland on the night of 11 August the country's largest insurer, PZU, has already received more than 16,000 property damage and agricultural claims and over 6,000 motor insurance claims.

Riding on the Lucifer heath wave's "tail", a front of severe rainfalls and storms hit the Central and Southern Europe in the end of last week, causing significant losses mostly in Spain, the Balearic Islands, Germany and Poland. The extreme weather has also caused floods in British holiday resorts. On the other hand, while devastating hail episodes hit Spain, the heat melted for the first time in the last 90 years the Stelvio Pass glacier in Italy, at 3,450 metres altitude and dramatic wildfires affected large areas in Albania and Greece. The unresting European weekend's portrait may be completed with the Italian villages affected by flash floods and mud streams or the people killed in France and Germany by lightning.

In Poland, severe thunderstorms hit many regions, especially Pomerania, Greater Poland and Kuyavia -, the violend winds leaving behind unprecedented serious damages. According to the official data, at least some 30,000 hectares of forests have been destroyed, in addition to the damaged houses and cars. On Monday, the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration said that 6,000 families affected by the storms will altogether obtain about EUR 7.25 million of aid.

The country's biggest insurer PZU has announced it has taken, in response to the Polish PM call, special measures to help victims of the storms as soon as possible. "PZU has implemented a crisis management procedure, launched the first payouts, doubled the number of consultants on the hotline, and reduced the time to report the damage, "said Roman PALACE, PZU Zycie President responsible for claim settlement at the PZU Group. Besides sending four Mobile Offices in the affected regions and allotting a double number of consultants to support claimants, PZU has said it will proceed to loss payments in advance, preceding the appraisers' expertise.

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