VIDEO: GIF 2017, LONDON: HRH The Prince of Wales welcome address

20 July 2017 —
"Insurers have to play an important part not only in managing current risks, but also in modelling the future by contributing to a better understanding of risks, to closing the insurance gap and setting an example of responsible investment policy," HRH The Prince of Wales said in his welcome address at GIF 2017.

In a message recorded at St. James's Palace on 22 June, HRH The Prince of Wales addressed London Global Insurance Forum delegates. In his speech, Price Charles has emphasized four areas where insurance industry could make a vital contribution to creating the sustainable economy. Prevention of disasters - by linking the premium to actions taken, thus rewarding those who act for prevention -, and modelling the future - by helping individuals and organizations to better understand the risks -, are intimately part of insurers' core activity. The industry should also continue to build on the partnerships that are helping to prevent uninsured losses and close the insurance gap. Finally, as the industry worldwide is managing one the biggest assets portfolio, it has to put this assets "to work in a responsible way, integrating environmental, social and governance issues", setting this way an example.

Watch the HRH The Prince of Wales  welcome address

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