VIDEO: Guy HUSDON: There will be an interesting attitude from reinsurers towards pricing

15 September 2011 — Mihai CRACEA
"There is a lot of debate whether the market has too much capacity, whether the rates will be remaining flat or there will be some decrease. To try to anticipate the market movements would be difficult at this time. There are a lot of attempts to diversify portfolios and I think reinsurers are looking for business opportunities outside their normal domain", said Guy HUSDON, Partner, JLT Re.

According to Guy HUDSON, a lot will depend about the losses for the remainder of the year. One of the things that is becoming clearer is that the losses, even if they were very substantial, are not having, as it seems, a significant impact on the pricing. There will be an interesting attitude from reinsurers towards pricing.

"Within Central and Eastern Europe, as elsewhere, we have seen a slowing down inf not a reversing of the insurance trend, due to the financial situation. It is still seen as a potential for the future and reinsurers are interested in the region. The territories in CEE are of significant interest to JLT. It's an area with large population which traditionally did not buy insurance", HUDSON added.

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