VIDEO: Munich RE: We see an increasing trend of natural catastrophe claims

22 June 2015 — Alexandru CIUNCAN
"We do see an increasing trend of natural catastrophe claims" - but this does not necessarily increase the insurance penetration. This was one of the key messages that MUNICH Re delivered at the IIF - Property Insurance in a Stormy Era conference. "Challenges with Nat Cat" - this was the title of Mr. Andreas VOSSBERG, Senior Underwriter Property Treaty CEE within MUNICH Re.

"Risk complexity is increasing day by day, as the risk landscape is constantly changing", added Sinisa LOVRINCEVIC, Cyprus Branch General Manager, TRUST Re, Cyprus. 

The solutions for increasing insurance penetration on the Nat Cat segment are linked with raising awareness of the public; banks can also play a vital role while mandatory schemes are a solution - although results from markets that have implemented such solutions are still under debate.

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