VIDEO: The Azeri insurance market presented at BADEN-Baden XPRIMM Reception

24 October 2011 — Daniela GHETU
VIDEO: The Azeri insurance market presented at BADEN-Baden XPRIMM Reception
"We are proud to present you our insurance market, as we strongly believe that it offers you an interesting business perspective. We are working to develop our market on modern and sustainable basis and, in this respect, the European expertise is a valuable one. I believe the event organized by Media XPRIMM builds an effective bridge between our markets and this is why we decided to be part of it", stated Azer ALIEV, Executive Director Azerbaijan Insurers Association, Yesterday evening, at the third edition of Baden - Baden XPRIMM Reception, organized by Media XPRIMM.

Over 250 top professionals of insurance and reinsurance companies from all around Europe, Russia and CIS gathered in Kurhaus Casino. A premiere was the presence of a massive delegation of the representatives of the Azerbaijani insurance and reinsurance market: ATESHGAH Insurance, ATESHGAH Life Insurance, Azerbaijan Sanaye Insurance, AzInsurance, AzRe Reinsurance, BAKI Sigorta Insurance, IIC, PASHA Insurance, QARANT Sigorta Insurance, SilkWay Insurance, Xalg Sigorta Insurance.

Baden - Baden XPRIMM Reception was organized with the support of ASTRA Asigurari, AZ Re and International Insurance Company as Strategic Partners. Partners of the event were also the companies CERTASIG, OLSA Re, JLT Re, ATESGAH Insurance, UNITY Re and STANDARD Insurance.

"We are honored to support, as Strategic Partners, this event meant event designed to promote the emerging insurance markets. Although this is no longer an exclusively Romanian event, I think it is both our proud and duty, as a market leader and a modern company, with European aspirations, to support it", stated Radu MUSTATEA, President of ASTRA Asigurari, Strategic Partner of the event.

The Reception's guest had also the opportunity to be the first readers of XPRIMM INSURANCE Report 1H 2011 and INSURANCE Profile - Azerbaijan 1H2011, the October editorial premieres of Media XPRIMM.

The Baden - Baden Meetings are continuing this week. There, Media XPRIMM is represented by Sergiu COSTACHE, President, Adriana PANCIU, CEO, Alexandru CIUNCAN, Business Development Director, Mihaela CIRCU, New Media Director, Georgiana OPREA, FIAR Coordinator, Vlad PANCIU, Project Manager, and Oleg DORONCEANU, International Markets Coordinator.

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