VIG receives EU funding for comprehensive cyber security programme

10 June 2024 — Andrei VICTOR
Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) has initiated a comprehensive programme to increase protection against growing cyber threats. The Group companies will be serviced by three competence centres in Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic. The initiative is financially supported by the European Union through the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre.

The risk of being affected by a cyber-attack as a company is still on the rise. New types of attacks based on artificial intelligence in particular, such as deepfakes, are increasing rapidly. In the World Economic Forum’s current “Global Risk Report 2024”, the risk of misinformation and disinformation through artificial intelligence is seen as the greatest risk for the next two years, with cyber insecurity taking fourth place among the top ten risks.

Protecting customer data and securing IT systems is a top priority for Vienna Insurance Group, which is why particularly comprehensive security systems have been installed to meet the latest requirements.

“The methods and attempts of external attacks are constantly changing. We have therefore established a Group-wide Cyber Defence Centre programme to protect our business and our Group customers from the risk of cyber-attacks and to further increase VIG’s security level. We are very pleased that the EU recognises our activities and supports the programme”, said the VIG COO, Gerhard Lahner.

Behind the Cyber Defence Center programme (CDC) is a team of information security experts who protect the company by detecting, analysing and averting cyber threats using semi-automated processes and advanced technology. The Group’s IT systems are continuously monitored for signs of a cyber security incident. The CDC works around the clock to ensure a rapid response to any threats that arise.

VIG has established three competence centres for the Group in Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic, which now provide services to the Group companies. This will strengthen Group-wide capacity to recognise and prevent security incidents and increase resilience by implementing new security solutions. At the same time, the centres of excellence promote the cross-border exchange of knowledge and best practices within the Group.

The CDC programme is supplemented by information events, awareness-raising campaigns for employees and partners and dissemination measures in the area of digital media. The aim is to achieve a high level of cyber security awareness among VIG’s most important stakeholders.