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16 April 2015 — Oana RACATEJ
Bancassurance focuses on creating value by identifying, monitoring, adapting customer-centric approach and establishing a strong partnership between banks and insurance companies for their mutual benefit. The latest business opportunities and innovative solutions in bancassurance and alternative distribution channels will be analyzed during the two-day "Global Bancassurance & Alternative Distribution Channels Conference", event which bring together experts from the Banks and Insurance industries. XPRIMM Publications support de conference as Media Partner.

The event, which will also provide an insight into the future of bancassurance, in order to enable both banks and insurers to be proactive and stay on top of their business, will be attended by top executives from the financial industry, including Presidents, VP's, CEO's, COO's, General Directors/Managers, Bancasurance Directors/Managers, Underwriters, Heads of Bancassurance, Heads of Business Strategy, etc.

The main topics addressed by speakers like Javed AHMED, CEO & Managing Director at JUBILEE Life, Pakistan, Gueorgui TZVETANOV-MEYER, Senior Bancassurance Manager at ERGO International, Austria, and many others will be:
  • The Emerging Trends of Alternative Distribution from a Regional and Global Perspective;
  • The Future of Bancassurance in Emerging and Matured Markets;
  • The Key Issues in Managing and Controlling Multiple Alternative Distribution Channels;
  • The Role of Bancassurance in Distribution of Insurance Products;
  • Best Customer-Centric Practices In Insurance distribution;
  • Big Data, Analytics, Data Management.
The syllabus of this conference will also include case studies and round the table panel discussion on various topics such as best customer-centric practices in insurance distribution, digitalization opportunities in life insurance, the role of bancassurance in the CEE countries and many others.

The Global Bancassurance & Alternative Distribution Channels Conference starts on the 21st of May 2015 and ends on the 22nd of May 2015 and takes place in Prague, Czech Republic. To register to this conference please click here to download the agenda, which includes the registration form, fill in the blanks and then scan and send it to Daniela Johnson at daniela@c-parity.com.

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