What are the topics analyzed during the European Consumer Protection Conference?

28 February 2018 — Adina TUDOR
The 4th Edition of the European Consumer Protection Conference brings into debate, through high-level speakers, the current European regulatory and economic landscape, as well as digitalization and the impact of technological advances in the field of financial services.

The first part of the event will focus on the European Union legislative framework and its latest changes, debating topics such as:
  • European legislative landscape overview. What more to expect in 2018-2020?
  • 2018: Focus-switch, from regulation to supervision of insurance companies in Europe
  • What conduct of business supervision really means?
  • Supervisory convergence in the case of IDD and PRIIPs Regulation - key for the future
The second part brings into debate the situation of the private pensions in EU, with speakers trying to answer two key questions:
  • What can make the PEPP Initiative a successful project?
  • How will the Pan-European Personal Pensions might look like?
The third part of the conference will consist of an interactive panel, during which the speakers will analyze two case studies ("Consumer protection in the Turkish insurance market" and "Market conduct supervision in Romania and Spain"), as well as two main topics:
  • The exchange of view between regulators, supervisors and insurance undertakings from future potential members of the EU and existing Member States representatives
  • How is the regulatory framework seen from outside the EU.
The European Consumer Protection Conference is supported by VIG and EUROINS as Main Partners and it is organized with the support of RECREX.

The event takes place on 22 March in Prague, Czechia, at the Four Seasons Hotel. Book your seat now!
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