Who purchases the most expensive CASCO insurance in the CEE?

30 January 2014 — Oleg DORONCEANU, Vlad BOLDIJAR
casco2In addition to the deductible or the number of covered risks, there are other factors - such as the high frequency of damages, the road infrastructure and the high level of the compensation requests - that influence the CASCO insurance premium. In the case of Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian car owners the prices are among the highest in the Central and Eastern Europe region, according to the latest analysis carried out by the XPRIMM Publications.

This is the reality which resulted by examining different websites that compare CASCO motor insurance prices in eight Central and Eastern European states.

The calculations were targeted at finding out the cheapest/most expensive rates for a CASCO policy - (full or all risk CASCO and where it was possible, without a deductible and full coverage when traveling abroad) - for a 30-year-old individual, inhabitant of the capital city, married, without children, owner of a Ford Focus 1.6iTi-VCT automobile, fitted at the 2008-Trend level. The calculations were carried out in January 2014.

It is noteworthy that in the case of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria, the rates provided by the online applications were given for an insured amount of EUR 6,300, requested by the owner, and for Poland, the rates displayed also included the equivalent value of an MTPL policy.


Click to see the prices in: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.

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