Why is digital insurance the key to customer satisfaction?

20 September 2016 — Daniela GHETU
Customer journeys that were purely digital had the highest overall satisfaction rate of 76%, while the traditional journeys scored the worst at only 57%. How to optimize the customer journey and allow a truly omnichannel experience?

Europe's biggest insurers are looking for new ways to stay relevant and attract new customers. What do customers want and how to satisfy them is the ultimate question. While the insurance field is not known to embrace innovation quickly, it is currently undergoing significant changes.

The 8th Annual Insurance Distribution Strategies, to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 13 - 14 October 2016, will bring valuable knowledge necessary to save costs, manage insurers' channels properly and design digital customer journeys to boths providers' and customers' satisfaction. Several case studies of companies who have successfully utilized the new and emerging channels, and managed to use the potential of telematics and offer new innovative products will be presented.

  • Digitize your traditional distribution model like AXA
  • Self disruption of distribution by Standard life
  • Facebook and distribution - Kroodle's Experience
  • Improving digital experience of customers by Prudential
  • Telematics possibilities in and beyond motor insurance, Generali's smart home technology
and much more

More details and registration available at www.fleming.events.

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