XPRIMM Group launch INSURANCE Profile - Republic of Moldova 1H 2011

14 November 2011 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
XPRIMM Group launch INSURANCE Profile - Republic of Moldova 1H 2011
profil_md_6luniXPRIMM Group launch the third special issue of INSURANCE Profile, dedicated to the Moldavian insurance market, this time the period January-June 2011 being analyzed. This is the sixth special issue that INSURANCE Profile, the well-known Specialty Review that publishes quarterly the results of the Romanian insurance market, launches, offering its readers up-to-date financial information regarding other insurance markets than the Romanian one.

The Moldavian insurance market accustomed us, regardless of economic conditions, to be an increasing one, and the results of the first half of this year confirm once again this positive pattern.

Less desirable is that the market is "self-limited", the main source of growth being, as in most emerging markets in the region, motor insurance.

Note however that the NCFM has already made a fundamental approach for creating a solid and stable market by Law 407, since 2007. We estimate that, although we are only six months away until the deadline to increase the minimum share capital to MDL 15 million and MDL 22.5 million respectively, positive effects have already appeared.

Even though in terms of insurance Moldova still has some way to go until reaching the next threshold of maturity, it is clear now that this road can be crossed easier together: authorities, insurers and brokers, professional associations.

With all their help, XPRIMM Group is permanently supporting this evolution, by highlighting and promoting at international level all market's successes and realities.

If we mention here only the organized conferences, the launch of xprimm.md web-portal, the newsletters, the special editions of PRIMM magazine and the bilingual ones of the Specialty Review INSURANCE Profile, one can easily realize that this market has both potential and future.

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