XPRIMM News reached its 500th edition!

28 May 2020 — XPRIMM
For the 500th time, XPRIMM News lands today, as every Thursday, on your screens with the latest news and statistics that illustrate the trends and evolutions of the insurance markets in the CEE, SEE and CIS regions.

Since 2003, the XPRIMM News archives have gathered almost 300 interviews with the some of the most relevant professionals of the industry and over 10,650 articles, not counting the statistical information added every week.

In this anniversary day we are pleased to let you that you can easily join, for free, the XPRIMM News community of subscribers only be filling in your email address on the xprimm.com home page. It is the easiest way to keep in touch with your insurance markets of interest and be among the first informed about the most important events.

Here is what you get by being a XPRIMM News subscriber:
  • News coverage for over 30 insurance markets in the CEE, SEE and CIS regions
  • Live reports from the most important insurance related events
  • Interviews with relevant personalities in the insurance world
  • Analysis articles touching the most important trends, with a potential game changing impact on the insurance industry, both regional and global
  • Studies and professional opinions provided by valuable contributors
  • Updates concerning the changes occurred in the management bodies of the most relevant companies or market institutions
  • Quarterly updated performance information for the main insurance groups

XPRIMM News readers are also the first informed about the statistical updates available in the statistical insurance database on xprimm.com.

Thank you all for meeting us each Thursday!

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