A 38% stake in Bosnian Osiguranje Aura for sale

24 June 2021 — Daniela GHETU
The state-owned Investment-Development Bank of Bosnia's Serb Republic, IRBRS, said it is looking to sell its shares in local insurer Osiguranje Aura representing 38.06% interest for BAM 2.16 million (EUR 1.1 million), SeeNews announced on June17, quoting IRBRS

IRBRS is offering for sale a 19.03% stake in Osiguranje Aura held by its Restitution Fund and another 19.03% stake held by its Share Fund. A total of 19,980 shares in Osiguranje Aura are for sale under the all-or-nothing principle from August 16 to August 31 at a starting price of BAM 108 per share.

Besides IRBRS, Osiguranje Aura's shareholding also includes two local businessmen: Zoran Tunjic, who is the majority stakeholder (61.92%) and Branislav Gegic (0.019%). Osiguranje Aura's shares have not traded on the Banja Luka bourse in the past year.

In 2020, Osiguranje Aura ranked 13th in the overall market GWP hierarchy, with GWP worth EUR 12.7 million (up by 5.5% y-o-y) and market share of 3.28%.

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